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Want to make the most of the organic reach of the TikTok platform and get your brand in front of millions? Nothing very rocket science, you just have to surf the wave of TikTok trends! And since we know that finding the latest trends can sometimes be more complicated than expected, especially if you want to create TikTok videos for your business or brand, here are 15 TikTok trends you could consider to launch your brand or business on the most visited site in the world in 2022.

1. Tiktok Trend  “Infinity challenge » (Ring Light) 💡

This TikTok trend involves filming yourself while lifting a ring light. You place it above your head in a fully lit room, before stepping into darkness. The light ring, which is now the only light in your video, illuminates you, revealing your silhouette. The infinity challenge is a tiktok trends centered on “body positivity”. Designers around the world have used this trend to overshadow their professions, hobbies, physical traits, etc.

As a company, you could use this trend to illustrate your products, jobs in the agency, etc. in an original way!

Music to use: “Infinity Jaymes Young”. Use the #infinitychallenge #ringlightchallenge on TikTok to get inspired!

2.  Tiktok Trend : “Your DM in quotes” 📩

In this trendy TikTok challenge, the creators share their funniest, weird and even wicked DMs in the form of inspirational quotes. As a business, you can share short testimonials or take the opportunity to add a touch of humor while showcasing your products.

Music to use: No music related to this challenge, the one that you think goes best! Use the #inspirationalquotes on TikTok for inspiration!

3. Tiktok Trend: « La couverture Vogue” 📸

In this viral TikTok trend, designers are altering their favorite photos to look like the cover of a Vogue magazine. As a business, you can use this trend to showcase your best-selling products, share your latest campaign photos, photos of people using your product, …

Music to use: “Gimme studs pls – Tik Toker”. Use the #voguechallenge #voguemagazine #voguecoverchallenge on TikTok for inspiration.


Had to jump on this trend since it was always a dream of mine since I was little! Which one is your fave cover? #voguechallenge #vogue #fashion

♬ Gimme clout pls – Tik Toker

4. Tiktok Trend: “Album cover” 💿

Another trend in the same vein but even more fun! The trend is to turn anything into an album cover. As a business, why not showcase your best-selling products?

Music to use: “Hiiipower x DIAND, Michael”. Use the #albumcover #albumcoverchallenge on TikTok for inspiration.

5. Tiktok Trend : “Hopeful for today” 🤫

This TikTok trend allows creators to share their hidden secrets. They show what they originally planned to do, then tell you what really happened. As a business you can use this trend to market your product or service. If you’re a chocolatier for example, the first part of your TikTok might be a video showing a batch of “I’ll take just one” praline. The screen freezes, turns black and white and several texts appear, such as “I bought 3 boxes of pralines”. Music to use: Hope by Twista. Use the #hopefulfortoday #imhopefulfortoday on TikTok for inspiration.

6. Tiktok Trend : “Google Earth” 🌎

Google Earth video is a trend that never gets old on TikTok! In this video, the creators use Google Earth to show people a cool place they’ve been to. You zoom in on the location, then the video opens to show cinematic photos and videos of the location. As a business, you can showcase where your business is located. Music to use: Talking to the moon, Bruno Mars. Use the #googleearthtrend #googleearthchallenge on TikTok for inspiration. @vtmfamilie_ Sneaky binnenkijken op en naast de set? Dat kan! #vtmfamilie #googleearth #googleearthview #googleearthchallenge #fy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #v ♬ original sound – Nathan

7. Tiktok Trend : “Meet the friend group” 👯‍♂️

This is a great TikTok trend to introduce your closest friends to your community by describing them and presenting their personalities in a very original way. As a business, you can use this trend to showcase your team, your employees, or even your products.   Music to use: Alice Merton, No roots. Use the #noroots #norootschallenge #meetthefriendgroup on TikTok for inspiration.

@amsevents We are hiring🤩 #ubc #university #norootschallenge #noroots #fyp #hiring #tiktokcanada ♬ original sound – AMS Events

8. Tiktok Trend : “I’ll never forget you” 💘

 As a business, you can use this trend to refer to your first customer, your biggest sale, or a momentous event.

Music to use: Never forget you, Noisettes. Use the #iwillneverforgetyou #illneverforgetyouchallenge on TikTok for inspiration.

9. Tiktok Trend: “Wisdom Kaye” trend 👔

TikTok designer Wisdom Kaye started this trend where he showcases different looks and styles in a single video using transitions. As a business, you can use this TikTok trend to showcase your top selling products. A perfect challenge if you are a fashion company!

Music to use: Wisdom Kaye’s original sound. Use the #ootdchallenge #wisdomkayechallenge on TikTok for inspiration.

@julestrass🤍♬ Touch It (remix) – Wisdom Kaye

10. Tiktok Trend: “I hate people that work at the bank (shhh i work at the bank)” 💸

In this TikTok trend, the creators use the phrase “I hate people that work at the bank” as a tongue-in-cheek statement. For example, if I said “I hate eating chocolate” in part one of this TikTok video, in part two you could see me go shopping for tons of chocolates in stores. As a business you can use this TikTok trend to announce a sale. You just need to write a caption such as “I hate too crowded sales and discount days” using a visual of a crowded store. In the next part of your video, you can show someone sitting on the sofa and ordering your products at 50% off.   Music to use: I hate people who work at the bank. Use the #ihatepeoplewhoworkatthebank #IWorkAtTheBank on TikTok for inspiration.

11. Tiktok Trend : “ I Was Busy Thinking about… “ 🤔

Here’s a simple TikTok trend that only requires 2 video clips. You can use this TikTok trend to get your users’ attention to an idea that’s going on in your head. In the first part of the video for this TikTok trend, you show yourself saying “I Was Busy Thinking about…” and you follow that sentence with a picture or a video of the question you are concerned about, for example “How are lipsticks made?” As a business, you can use this TikTok trend to answer some of your audience’s questions or even highlight the best features of your product.   Music to use: I was busy thinking bout, Charli XCX. Use the # throwing entraindepenserà #iwasbusythinkingbout #iwasbusythinkingabout on TikTok for inspiration.

12. Tiktok Trend : “Celebrity look alike” (Shapeshift filter) 😎

The shapeshifter filter is very trending on TikTok and tells you which celebrity you look the most like. This is a misleading trend, however. Because what the public doesn’t know is that you can choose any celebrity you want. And the app then changes your face to look like it. For a business, this is a fairly straightforward trend to make a TikTok video on. For example, have your team go with the trend and form a team of superheroes, like the Avengers or the Justice League, that best describes what they do for the company.   Music to use: No music related to this challenge. Use the #morphingvisage #shapeshiftchallenge #celebritylookalikechallenge on TikTok for inspiration.

13. Tiktok Trend: “ Runaway Aurora” 🌄

One of TikTok’s most popular trends, the Runaway Aurora Filter lets you capture cinematic silhouettes on the melodic track by Norwegian singer Aurora. As a fashion company, the Runaway Aurora trend will be right for you.   Music to use: Runaway by Aurora. Use the #runwayaurora #runawayaurorachallenge on TikTok for inspiration.

@ka.bchr I like this trend so much #runaway #runawayaurora #viral #fyp #pourtoi #trend #runawaychallenge ♬ Runaway – AURORA

14. Tiktok Trend : “Because I’m bad…Michael Jackson” 🕺

In this viral TikTok trend, the creators show off their dancing skills to the famous Michael Jackson song “Bad”. The challenge is to make the classic Michael Jackson “toe stand”. Film yourself doing the toe stand and freeze the frame when you do the final pose. As a business, you can use this fun trend to announce a sale or giveaway during the final freeze.

Music to use: Michael Jackson, Bad. Use the #imbadchallenge #michaeljacksonchallenge on TikTok for inspiration.

15. Tiktok Trend : “Tell me without telling me…” 💁🏼‍♀️

The TikTok trend “Tell me without telling me” represents the meaning of this phrase pretty well. This trend allows to highlight its ethnicity, its race, its culture, its way of life and its habits. As a business you can talk about your values ​​and your products by showing your audience the practices you implement. For example, if you’re a sustainable business, you can create this TikTok trend by captioning it with “Tell me you’re a sustainable brand without telling me you’re a sustainable brand” – and your visuals can show your audience your plastic-free process and packaging.

Music to use: Tell me without telling me. Use the #dismoisansmedire #TellMeWithoutTellingMe #tellmechallenge on TikTok for inspiration.


How to discover the last TikTok Trends ?


The “discover” page is the best place to find popular sounds, hashtags and the latest trends. You will be able to see and browse the latest trends on the platform and why not give it a try if it suits your business! Want to learn more about new TikTok trends? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it!

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