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In recent years, technological evolution has grown at high speed: “V” as speed but also as Virtual. We are witnessing innovations that were previously unimaginable and which, with the arrival of the Metaverse, will never cease to amaze you! Virtual realities, augmented reality, a transition that is still difficult to envisage and/or imagine for many brands but which should be normalized in a few years. Brands and marketers like Gucci, Nike, Sephora, Warner Bros, Hyundai have already taken on this new world full of opportunities. And since Facebook renamed itself Meta, the focus has become very intense on the Metaverse!

Do not wait before it’s too late ! Enter the new dimension today and introduce the metaverse into your marketing strategy today with Les Causantes!

What is the Metaverse ? 🤖

First appearing in Neal Stephenson’s 1991 novel Snow Crash, the metaverse or sometimes spelled “metaverse” is presented as a fictional virtual world. Persistent, shared virtual spaces accessible through 3D interaction.

“The future of the internet” for Mark Zuckerberg but also that of our social relations on a very large scale. In concrete terms, the metaverse is made up of several virtual worlds that interact together in order to facilitate the transition from one experience (social interactions, entertainment, shopping, work meeting, etc.) to another. From virtual reality to augmented reality (hybridization of the real world and virtual worlds) through connected glasses and helmets, holographic projectors, …, the metaverse brings people together since it allows people from all over the world to be connected whatever their distance.

A concept that is not new, you will tell me, since it has already existed for several years in the world of gaming such as in Second Life, Roblox, Fortnite, etc… You have the possibility, using your avatar, to walk around, to interact with your virtual environment, as well as with other players, to buy in-game goods, clothes, decorative accessories ,etc. All with the aim of personalizing your “ig” (in game) experience.

These games should be a prime example of what the future of the metaverse has in store for us.

Metaverse Impact on digital marketing 🛍

The era of the pandemic has forced many brands to close their physical points of sale and to turn to new technologies to offer their customers a shopping experience close to reality. Add to that the brands that have already been online before: immersive remote commerce is booming! We therefore advise you to also take advantage of this new craze to get started without delay.

The metaverse is redefining the future of digital marketing. Reimagined marketing that translates into a shift from traditional display advertising to creating more immersive, convenient, fun and engaging brand experiences in the future, all based on building powerful fan and customer communities .

Generations Z and Alpha and those arriving over the next 15 years will feel more comfortable in these environments than any generation before them. Jumping on the bandwagon today ensures you won’t be underwater in the future when new developments are introduced and your competitors get ahead. With the development of augmented reality, you will bring the shopping experience to another level. Trying out a new pair of glasses, a new haircut, a car, a dress,… Your customers will now be able to interact with your products without even having to leave their homes!

Metaverse : an opportunity to seize for your company 📈

If the metaverse is booming, so are the branding and advertising opportunities. Not to mention the NFTs and smart Contracts which will certainly also play a major role: personalization of avatars, virtual houses and/or storefronts, intangible objects, artistic creations, events, etc. In the future, you may consider creating virtual content of brand for your customers and so why not try your hand at selling virtual objects or selling digital art!

Some fashion brands are already planning to sell in 10 years more virtual products (example: speakers!) than real products! In a world that has been immersed behind its screens since the arrival of covid, it is now easier to project yourself into this conception of the metaverse. Virtual work meetings, virtual evenings with friends or family, larger events such as concerts,… What if you were planning to organize your own virtual event? Whether you have a project in virtual or augmented reality, know that there are agencies to advise you and support you in the realization of such events. Les Causantes is one of those agencies that already accompanies you in the Metaverse!

NFT and Blockchain 📈

In an increasingly virtual and interactive world, communities have naturally also crossed the border from the real to the virtual, and it is quite natural that the social traits & characters animating Men between Men are downloaded with them into the virtual ! NFTs are neither more nor less than everyday objects & representations (sneakers, pants, digital board, part of an area in a virtual world) authenticated as unique, and whose deed of ownership, shared “in” the blockchain and therefore readable & verifiable by everyone, is (supposed) to be inviolable.

Whether they aim to change your avatars (figures, caps, sneakers, etc.) within new social networks (Discord, Redit, etc.) or interactive games (Fortnite, Minecraft, etc.), or to equip the environment, space and furniture and equipment of universes or spaces specific to each user (a kind of address in the blockchain where everyone can build their own space, their own “home” (Decentraland) and in which it will be necessary to communicate, market and sell. Until then, blockchain will ensure the authenticity of all virtual things and allow large collections of unique digital assets to build and grow in value (Sotheby’s and Barnes already have their “digital” asset class) . Basically, NFTs are just a new way to consume, to exist, to show, to hide, to share, to create energy around subjects, and to trade, everything that has governed trade and the market so far, and which continues and applies just as much in the “virtual” world.

Les Causantes, conquering the metaverse 🚀

A bit like a second life 2.0, the metaverse now offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach their target in a new, more experiential media dimension, offering you a whole new look at their behavior.

As a business, you can get a head start, especially by investing in virtual reality and augmented reality advertising. Enriched by its many expertise in digital as well as its customer experiences, Les Causantes offers to accompany you in this new conquest of the web. We will help you:

  • Understand and identify the best opportunities for your brand Build creative and influencer campaigns tailored to the metaverse
  • Create and manage your brand presence in the metaverse
  • Design  skins, avatars and other features
  • Monetize your projects and develop your CRM using NFTs
  • etc.

A not-so-virtual world just waiting for you, welcome to the metaverse! A future project to share with us, questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it!

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RENOVATION MAN - De 0 à plusieurs milliers de lead CSP+ chaque année
WEMOMS - De 0 à 10 millions de lecteurs chaque mois
PRESCRIPTION LAB - De 0 à 20.000 box mensuelles
SPIN MASTER - +43% de ventes Amazon YTY
ELLE - Chiffre d'affaires Social Media X10 en 6 mois
AUCHAN - ROAS Facebook Ads › 23
DODIE - + 1549,84% de social proofs YTY
SMALLABLE - ROAS moyen › 60 en deux mois

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Un ROAS de x67 pour le concept store premium Smallable
A x67 ROAS for the Smallable premium concept store

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