We use data to accelerate your growth

Your goals


You want to set up tools and an analytical approach


You want to optimize your conversion funnel

Client database

You want to analyze and segment your customer base

A/B testing

You want to set up an iterative a / b testing approach

What we enforce

  • We analyze your “capital data” through advanced back & front end audits of your back & frontend ecosystem, digitized or not, with the aim of identifying the “pain points” and real opportunities for “Growth” within your organization; resulting in a roadmap of priority optimizations thanks to the ICE (Impact Cost Effort) scoring system

  • Since the data is only of interest if it responds to your business issues, we together analyze your business needs, whether they are structural, operational, … in order to highlight the “North Star” metrics or KPIs to monitor; as well as the complete protocol for collecting / storing / updating / sharing structuring data

  • Due to our technological independence, we support you in the choice and the implementation of the various tools necessary for the good progress of your operations or we help you to make better use of your current tools (Tag managers, analytical tools, marketing automation, dashboards reporting …) while considering your functional needs, your technical constraints, your budget and deadlines

  • Nous mettons en place avec vous une segmentation appropriée de votre base clients pour proposer un parcours client cross canal adapté et automatisé, de la conquête « PRM » à la fidélisation « CRM »
  • We set up with you an appropriate segmentation of your customer base to offer an adapted and automated cross-channel customer journey, from “PRM” conquest to “CRM” loyalty

  • We support you in the analysis of your (mega) data to improve your customer knowledge, either in the following ways: Ad’hoc: segmentation of the prospect / customer portfolio, appetite scoring, attrition scoring, effectiveness of the loyalty program, … Or regular with the monitoring of your acquisition activities, emailings, social, … Analysis / Implementation and monitoring of cohorts for an optimized marketing mix

  • Thanks to the implementation of A / B Testing we help you optimize your conversions on all of your digital and social touch points, whether to recruit more prospects, increase your application downloads or your sales / sales figures

  • Our strong “Social” DNA allows us to measure the real engagement rate of your communities on social networks and thus increase the sympathy capital of your brand, increase your notoriety, federate your communities and therefore improve your visibility in search engines

  • Our teams can also assist you with the accuracy of your business plan and the forecast of your income / expenses with the objective of raising funds, for example

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Best Cases

RENOVATION MAN - De 0 à plusieurs milliers de lead CSP+ chaque année
WEMOMS - De 0 à 10 millions de lecteurs chaque mois
PRESCRIPTION LAB - De 0 à 20.000 box mensuelles
SPIN MASTER - +43% de ventes Amazon YTY
ELLE - Chiffre d'affaires Social Media X10 en 6 mois
AUCHAN - ROAS Facebook Ads › 23
DODIE - + 1549,84% de social proofs YTY
SMALLABLE - ROAS moyen › 60 en deux mois

Case Smallable

Facebook Ads
Un ROAS de x67 pour le concept store premium Smallable
A x67 ROAS for the Smallable premium concept store

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Le Case Facebook / The Facebook Case

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